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Have you ever intervened when you saw your kid was about to lose or make a mistake? Maybe in your mind you did, even if you didn't take action. We all know it's difficult to lose/fail that sometimes we hope it is something our kids never have to go through.
When children have a growth mindset, they are able to accept and embrace challenge, willing to take feedback, practice and put in more effort when they fail and are open to taking risks and trying new things. The basic premise is that their efforts can influence how their talents, abilities develop.
As Joseph Schooling’s Olympic feat swept the nation, many people also came to know his parents- Colin and May Schooling. His parents have made Joseph the centre of the lives, supporting his every move and exuding unshakeable belief in his ability. The message sent by his parents to Joseph Schooling was very clear. His parents believed in him and they are always there for him.

In a recent survey, 7 in 10 parents send their children for primary tuition. Majority of parents are spending hundreds of dollars per month on tuition, hoping that it will make a difference to their children’s academic grades.We all want to make the most of...

During the Primary school education journey, one possible obstacle your child may be faced with is to do well in the Primary Science examinations. For some, it can be a daunting task due to various concerns, such as the requirement of providing specific scientific definitions and identification of different living things. Fortunately, these worries are common and can be addressed through the following studying tips that parents can consider in order to help your child enjoy and excel in Primary Science.
One of the obstacles primary school students face in the process of learning the English Language is the method of writing an English Composition well. In order to grasp the fundamentals of writing, there are several areas to consider.