Our Teachers

Principal, Mathematics Specialist

Teacher Faith has more than 15 years of teaching experience and specializes in PSLE Math. She has personally helped hundreds of students in achieving at least an A in PSLE Math. She was formerly a Gifted-Education Programme teacher and had taught in two GEP schools in the last 10 years.

Principal, Science Specialist

Teacher Jolene is the PSLE Science Specialist of BlueTree Education Learning Centre. Over 11 years of teaching Science, she has personally helped hundreds of students excel in Science of different ages, achieving at least an A in PSLE Science. Teacher Jolene takes pride in helping her pupils achieve their goals.


Teacher Nancy has over 10 years’ experience in teaching Pri and Sec Math as well as writing curriculum for schools. She was a former Math Olympiad and PSLE Math Heuristic trainer in various top MOE schools. She is a patient and encouraging teacher who seeks to understand her students' strengths cum weaknesses and respects their uniqueness.

Science Specialist

Teacher Fabian was previously teaching in a MOE school and had taught at a private education centre for more than 10 years. Being an ex-founder of a well-known education centre specializing in English, Math and Science, he is very familiar with the primary Mathematics and Science syllabus.

Mathematics Specialist

Teacher Amy has taught for more than 10 years and was formerly teaching Mathematics in secondary schools. She has a proven track record of her students scoring As for O-level Mathematics. She believes that every child is capable of learning and takes pride in helping her students achieve their goals.

Secondary Math Coordinator Math Specialist

Teacher Clarice has taught Secondary Maths for more than 10 years and has coached plenty of O level pupils to success. With the ability to bridge the gaps in A & E Math effectively, she has helped many students understand difficult concepts and apply them to the questions with confidence during exams.

Science Specialist

Teacher Hui Lin graduated from NUS with a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) with Hons. She has taught for more than 5 years at a reowned tuition centre. She has a deep science knowledge and in-depth understanding of the local Primary and Secondary science syllabus. She is a dedicated and patient teacher who cares deeply about her students.

Mathematics Specialist

Teacher Sherlyn is a SIT graduate and an experienced teacher who has tutored primary Math for the past 4 years. She is very familiar with the primary Math syllabus as she has taught Primary 1 to Primary 6. She is patient with students and helps...

English Specialist

Teacher Joachim was an ex school teacher who specialised in English and Mathematics. As he has been teaching primary school students for the past 10 years, he is familiarized with the primary syllabus and is capable of delivering lesson content to students in an easy-to-understand...

Mathematics, Science Specialist

Teacher Haresh has 10 years of teaching experience in MOE schools and private education centers, specializing in primary and secondary Math and Science. He is caring and patient and builds a good rapport with the students. Through tutoring and mentoring, he has helped countless students achieve their academic goals.


Teacher Kuan Woei has taught in MOE schools for 15 years and he specialises in Math and Science. He received the most caring teacher award in during his years of teaching in MOE primary school. With over a decade of teaching experience in Math and Science, he has personally helped hundreds of students excel in their PSLE.

English, Science Specialist

Teacher Donovan is kept current with the PSLE syllabus. He is dynamic, confident and patient when working with pupils. He builds good rapport with both pupils and students and takes pride in helping his students to achieve their goals.

Science Specialist

Teacher Chloe is an experience teacher who has tutor primary science for the past 12 years. She is very familiar with the primary science syllabus as she has been a science curriculum writer for close to 10 years and a former MOE science teacher. She...