Our Programmes

At Blue Tree Education Learning Centre in Singapore, we offer tuition for

  • Primary Math
  • Primary Science
  • Primary English
  • GEP
  • Secondary Math
  • Secondary Science
  • Secondary English

Locations: Bukit Timah, Bedok, Newton and Kovan.

During school holidays, BlueTree also organizes holiday programmes for students to enrich their learning. We conduct PSLE booster programmes for Primary 6 students and O levels preparatory programmes for Secondary 4 students to ensure that the students are ready to excel in their final crucial examination.

Primary Math

We ensure that the students will attain competence in Mathematics by honing their critical thinking, in-depth analysis and logical reasoning skills through our 4-steps S.O.L.VE technique that stretches them to their fullest potential.

Primary Science

Our lessons allow our students to build a strong academic foundation in Science and have a better presentation of their answers by instilling in them critical thinking, logical reasoning and assumption through our enriching 3-step A.B.C technique.

Primary English

Our Primary English Programme focuses on improving the child's language ability through development of their reading, speaking and writing skills. We cover all English paper components (composition, comprehension,oral) with a systematic and proven teaching method.

GEP Math & Science

We offer programmes for GEP students which is specially designed by our GEP trained teachers that gives the students a competitve edge over others through higher-order thinking questions that stimulates their analysis and reasoning skills.

Secondary Math

Our Secondary Math Programme teaches our students to be able to concisely present Mathematical arguments as well as learning to tackle difficult questions with ease through our step-by-step teaching style. Constant feedback and timely practice papers also allows our students to improve their results and learn time management.

Secondary Science

Our Secondary Science Programme focuses on the development of conceptual thinking and reasoning skills, that is honed through our regular revision papers and hands-on sessions. Higher order thinking skills is also instilled in our students by allowing them to practice questions testing them on interrelated topics.

PSLE Booster

This PSLE booster programme gives our P6 students a competitive edge over others by focusing them on exam type questions and core concepts tested which raises our students’ understanding of the knowledge required for the examinations.

Holiday Programmes

At BlueTree Education Learning Centre, we provide platforms that allows your child to learn and hone new skills or to catch up on revision during our holiday programmes we provide which makes your child's holiday more meaningful and enriching.

Our Teachers

Our teachers know exactly what’s expected of a student and the skills and knowledge that every student should be equipped with, to do well in their next exams.

We’ve been teaching for more than 20 years in our professional careers as educators and we have marked PSLE and school exam papers for more than 2 decades. To know the primary and secondary school curriculum well, we have pored over hundreds of exam papers from different primary and secondary schools, and PSLE/O level papers for the past 2 decades.

These information from past PSLE/O levels helps the team to sharpen professional knowledge of the exam requirements and enhance our curriculum to help students score more marks in exams.

Principal, Mathematics Specialist
Principal, Science Specialist
Science Specialist
Mathematics Specialist
Secondary Math Coordinator Math Specialist
Science Specialist
Mathematics Specialist
English Specialist
Mathematics, Science Specialist
English, Science Specialist
Science Specialist

Why Us?

Passionate Team

We are a passionate teaching team of ex-MOE teachers and curriculum specialists who have taught in Singapore schools.

Many Years of Experience

Our teachers have many years of teaching experience and many success stories of implementing various pedagogical initiatives in schools.

Passion for Teaching

We bring with us our love for learning, teaching and the desire to nurture the potential in every child at Blue Tree Education Learning Centre.

Small Class Sizes

Our differentiated teaching strategies and small class sizes facilitate a conducive learning environment that supports a thinking culture.

Learn to Think, Think to Learn

Our curriculum is designed not only with academic excellence in mind; we want every child to acquire the core thinking skills of thinking critically, inventively, and reflectively as their foundation for learning.

A Thinker, Learner and Achiever.

Our dedicated and qualified tutors can provide a comprehensive and closely-guided learning structure and environment to help students overcome their apprehension and excel in their studies.

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